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The Rehearsal and Ceremony

The Rehearsal

You are allowed one hour for the rehearsal, which is normally held on the evening prior to the wedding.  Please stress the importance of being prompt to all participants.

A typical rehearsal includes the following:

  • Welcome and prayer by the Pastor.
  • Introduction of the Wedding Coordinator.
  • Overview of the service given by the Pastor.
  • Rehearsal of the wedding ceremony.
  • Final comments by the Pastor and Coordinator.
  • Tour of facilities by the Coordinator.

Day of the Wedding

Three hours are scheduled for you - an hour prior to the wedding, an hour for the wedding ceremony, and an hour following the wedding for photo taking.

When the flowers arrive, the arrangements will be put in the chancel.  The bouquets, attendants’ flowers, boutonnieres, and corsages will be placed in the appropriate waiting.

We strongly encourage having guests arrive early, as all weddings need to begin promptly.

In general, the wedding party typically arrives as follows:

  • The wedding party - One hour to 45 minutes before the service
  • Family - 45 minutes before the service
  • Ushers - 45 minutes before the service

The Wedding Coordinator will direct members of the wedding party to the appropriate rooms as they arrive.

Your Wedding Coordinator will bring the bridal party into the Narthex prior to the beginning of the ceremony.  She or he will be sure that the ushers are in place, the candles are lit, the honored guests are seated, the wedding attendants are in the proper order, and any last-minute emergencies are handled.

If you decide to have formal poses taken in the nave, the Wedding Coordinator will escort the wedding party and photographer to the Vestry when the service is over.