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Wedding Guidelines

Appropriate Use of Sacred Space

St. Mark's is an historical landmark built in 1894.  All couples interested in being married or having their relationship blessed at St. Mark's must be aware that the St. Mark's sanctuary is the sacred space of an active Christian congregation.  Appropriate respect for and use of the sacred space is an essential requirement for all couples and their guests. At certain times during the year, there may be additional liturgical art or decorations in the sanctuary.

Dress Code

Recognizing that the wedding is taking place in the church, we request that the couple, their attendants, photographer and other wedding participants be attired appropriately.


Two altar candles and two candelabra stands will be lighted.  Unity candles may be used with prior notice to the Wedding Coordinator.  St. Mark’s has a unity candle stand available; however, the couple must provide its own unity candle.

Flowers and Decorations in the Church

The only large arrangements permitted inside the church are arrangements on stands in the chancel.  The arrangements should be made with fresh cut flowers; bows are permitted.  No floral arrangements may be placed on the altar.  Floral bouquets, ribbon, etc. may be placed on the pew arms using removable pew hangers.  Candle stands may also be placed at the ends of the pews.  No tape, tacks or nails may be used to secure decorations.  Please be sure to appoint someone in your party to remove the pew decorations, before you leave the church.  The Wedding Coordinator will contact your florist with all pertinent information.

Please note, you are responsible for making sure all flowers and decorations are cleaned up at the church. We strongly encourage you to schedule your florist to arrive immediately after your ceremony to clean-up/transport flowers and decorations. Should your florist arrive after the duration of the three hour contract, the additional time will be taken out of your refunded security deposit.

Should you wish to leave your flowers at St. Mark’s as a donation to be used at Sunday morning services, the church will accept with much gratitude.

Rice, Bird Seed, Flower Petals

The church does not permit the throwing of rice or bird seed inside the building or anywhere on the church property.  This practice creates significant hazards on slippery surfaces and housekeeping problems.  We also request that little bags of rice for use elsewhere not be given out at the church.

Flower petals may only be strewn by the flower girl down the main aisle in the sanctuary.

Aisle Runners

The use of aisle runners is not allowed as they are a tripping hazard to the wedding party.

Photography and Videotaping

Photographers and videographers should check-in with St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator upon arrival to review St. Mark’s photo/video policies and exchange contact information. 

The following rules must be followed, there are no exceptions:

  • Absolutely no flash photography or video lighting
  • No photos on the chancel or near the altar during the ceremony
  • No distractions from processional, ceremony, or recessional. i.e. no waving, requesting poses, etc.
  • Photographers must stay behind the last pew during the processional
  • During the ceremony, photographers are welcome to take pictures from the side aisles and in the back, but not from the middle aisle, and they must stay behind the last row of seated guests
  • Please respect our house of worship and the sacrament of marriage, formal poses on the altar and in the chancel area may be taken post-ceremony
  • We respectfully request that you include a small note in your program letting your guests know that they are not to use flash photography during the ceremony.

Wedding Consultants

Wedding consultants from department stores and bridal shops may not direct wedding rehearsals at St. Mark’s.  If they desire to be present as witnesses at the rehearsal or in order to be able to assist dressing the wedding party on the day of the wedding, they will, of course, be shown warm courtesy.

Rehearsal Dinners and Receptions

St. Mark’s has several space options for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.  Our reception facilities can be decorated beautifully, many lovely receptions have been held here—all is it takes is a vision and a little creativity!

Receptions are handled separately from wedding ceremonies.  Additional fees will apply.

Heritage Hall is a lovely, carpeted hall with many windows and period details.  It can comfortably seat 120 people for a sit-down reception, or up to 200 for something less formal.  There is a high-end catering kitchen off the Hall for use by your caterer. This hall can be decorated beautifully, all it takes is a vision and a little creativity!

The Fireside Room, located in the adjacent building, the Urban Life Center, is suitable for small, intimate dinners.  With its functioning gas fireplace, it can comfortably seat 25 people.

The Auditorium, also located in the Urban Life Center, is suitable for larger receptions.  It can accommodate sit-down receptions for up to 175 people and cake/beverage receptions up to 300 people.

If you are interested in having your rehearsal dinner or reception at St. Mark’s, please contact the Events Administrator, Cheryl Garcia, as early as possible.  She can work with you and your caterer to make all necessary arrangements.