There are many opportunities for service at and through St. Mark’s.  These opportunities include ministries in the community and in the world on behalf of St. Mark’s, and ministries within the congregation.  The following are examples of some of the ways that you could be of service based upon your passion, capability, and availability.


Winter Shelter for Homeless Men

St. Mark’s hosts this shelter for 4 weeks in collaboration with several other churches in SF throughout the winter months.  You could help by preparing and serving breakfast with members of St. Mark’s, or organize a group from your company or business to prepare and serve a supper.

Please consider volunteering for this very worthwhile ministry.  Volunteers will be needed to serve during both Breakfasts and Dinners. Please contact John Elford at 415-490-7966 or to sign up if you would like to participate in this ministry, which helps so many people in need during the winter months.

Interfaith Food Pantry

St. Mark’s members staff this food pantry on several Saturdays throughout the year at Old First Church in SF from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m.  You could help for any length of time by unloading the food from the truck, setting up the distribution sequence, or handing out food to over 300 people. 

San Francisco Night Ministry

A ministry begun by St. Mark’s to reach out to homeless people at night (10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.).  You could help by being a presence of love and good will for this perilous population of our society.     

San Francisco Interfaith Council

St. Mark’s is a member of this interfaith organization that coordinates inter-religious gatherings and responses to crises in the city.  You are welcome to attend the monthly gatherings at St. Mark’s as a representative of the congregation on the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m.

Faith in Action

St. Mark’s is a member of this community organization that brings together various faith communities and other organizations for the purpose of addressing pressing social needs in the region.  You could represent St. Mark’s in these deliberations.

Sister Congregation in El Salvador

Join a delegation from St. Mark’s to our sister parish, Cordero de Dios, in San Salvador, and further the relationship that we have established with the members of this faith community during the past several years.  A delegation goes at least once every two year.


Members knit year round to provide scarves, lap robes, prayer shawls, and baby blankets for various homeless and low-income residents in SF, as well as for people in need in other parts of the world.  If you like to knit, or would like to learn how to knit, you may want to join this service ministry.

Community Garden

If you like to grow vegetables, St. Mark’s has a small plot at the south end of the church where vegetables are grown for the local farmer’s market.

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Members of St. Mark’s have an opportunity to participate in worship leadership in several capacities: assisting minister, communion assistant, lector, acolyte, sacristan, usher, choir, special music, altar guild, bread baker, visual arts, etc.  If such is your interest, you may speak with one of the pastors.


Members of St. Mark’s take turns providing the refreshments for after worship services on Sunday morning.  This team also organizes special social events throughout the year in order to bring members of St. Mark’s together for fellowship, as well as receptions after memorial services.

Event Host

St. Mark’s is the host site for many concerts, public presentations, and weddings.  If you like to host such events, you may be interested in serving in this capacity as an event host or wedding coordinator.


Members of St. Mark’s gather periodically to do projects within the church and around the grounds of the church.  The breadth of skills needed for these tasks is endless.  If you like to fix things, paint, do woodwork, do yardwork, wash windows, etc., this team is for you!


One of the major ministries at St. Mark’s is the education that takes place to nurture and strengthen the faith of those in attendance.  This education happens at all levels—children, youth, and adults—and involves not only teaching, but also facilitating arts and crafts, directing plays, and leading small groups. 

Other Committees and Teams

St. Mark’s has several committees and teams that could use specific skills as identified by the name of the committee or team.  They are: Worship Team; Endowment Committee; Finance Committee; Outreach Team; Youth Team; Social Ministry Team; and Audit Committee.