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Jan. 7
Claire Anastas will discuss living in Bethlehem and the challenges for Christians today in the Holy Land.

Jan. 14
The Gospel of Mark with Pr. Elizabeth
Introducing the Gospel of Mark  This gospel has a number of distinctive features that make its study not only important but surprising!  Come and learn about what is unique about this gospel and how learning about Jesus through this gospel can transform your faith.  Mark’s gospel will be featured in our lectionary calendar.  O many Sundays, the gospel appointed for the day will be from Mark. 

Jan. 21
A preview of the Annual Meeting (Jan. 28)
Come and receive a copy of the Annual Report, Budget proposal, and other reports.
Meet leaders from the Church Council and Martin Luther Tower board for conversation about ministry and development on St. Mark’s Square. 

Jan. 28
The Gospel of Mark with Pr. Elizabeth
The game of Jeopardy - test your knowledge of the gospel of Mark

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