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4/29/18 - Margaret McLean
Recent developments in gene editing (including the breakthrough technology called CRISPR) have enabled genetic modification of crops to improve disease resistance and of insects to reduce transmission of diseases like malaria. Many human diseases are caused by genetic errors, some of which may be corrected by these new techniques. Such developments can have profound positive effects on human health but, as with previous technologies, their widespread use raises ethical questions. Dr. Margaret McLean returns to continue our moral deliberation about important matters--this time, we consider how we might respond ethically to the promise and power of gene editing. Please join us.

5/6/18 - Margaret McLean - Lutherans Doing More Ethics
The End of Life Option Act In 2016, California joined its west coast neighbors in offering aid in dying for terminally ill patients. Under the End of Life Option Act, dying patients can request a prescription for a medication that will end the patient’s life. We will discuss the Act itself, what is allowed and what is not. We will then turn our attention to faith and ethics--asking how our understanding of our “resurrection faith” might inform our ethical response to this new option. Dr. Margaret McLean will facilitate our conversation and moral deliberation. Please join us.

5/13/18 - Allana Helland - Rwanda
Allana and Linnea Helland recently returned from a trip to Rwanda with PICO International. They’ll share inspirational stories about the work happening in Rwanda through PICO, the LCR, and The Rwanda School Project.

5/20/18 - No forum - Bay to Breaker Sunday

5/27/18 - Pastor John Rutsindintwarane
Pastor John Rutsindintwarane, Assistant to the Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Rwanda and Director of PICO Rwanda will join us in worship and will share information at nooncoffee hour about PICO Rwanda and the Lutheran Church of Rwanda.

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