Worship at St. Mark's


From all over the Bay Area and throughout San Francisco, people come to St. Mark’s to experience lively worship and an active faith community.  People come carrying concerns and questions, weary hearts or hungering spirits.  They bring a yearning for discovering true community and for finding purpose and meaning bigger than their own lives.

At the heart of St Mark’s is worship in which we encounter a living and loving God.  There is a worship service just right for your weekly routine.


A one hour liturgy with preaching, children’s message, global music, piano, flute (sometimes drums) and organ.  Love to worship surrounded by families with children?  This service is for you. 


A traditional sung liturgy, preaching, choral music and special musical ensembles.  Love Bach, Buxtehude, and Beethoven?  This service is for you. 

Holy Communion

All of St. Mark’s services include Holy Communion.  God’s gifts of bread and wine assure us of Christ’s forgiveness and presence in our lives.  The table is open to all baptized Christians.  Come and eat.  For those exploring baptism, we welcome you to come forward and receive a blessing from one of the pastors.  

Let The Children Come and Worship

At St. Mark’s, we believe that children not only belong in worship but by their very presence help all of us to worship more joyfully.  When children worship on a weekly basis, the presence of God comes alive for them.  Children receive a special welcome at St. Mark’s: Sundays Services at 9:00 include a children’s message (Grown-ups love them too!)

There is a welcome table for children located in the back of the sanctuary.  On the table are crayons, books, paper, and soft toys for active children.  Of course, children want to witness the action in worship – so we encourage them to sit up front.

Staffed childcare is available on Sundays in our nursery.  We welcome children ages 0 to 6 years old to visit the nursery in order to play, rest, or simply enjoy the child friendly and safe place that we have created.  The nursery is located beneath the sanctuary – next to the kitchen.  Nursing moms are always welcome in the nursery.  All parents can utilize the diaper changing area in the nursery or in the bathrooms.