Should I sign my name on a "Welcome Card" during the service?
Yes, please do!  If you sign a card, those worshiping around you can greet you by name.  Likewise, if you leave information such as your name and email address, someone will contact you with a greeting and an invitation to take part in the church’s ministry and come back for worship.  On the other hand, we will respect your desire to remain anonymous if that’s more comfortable for you.

Are there Adult Learning opportunities during the Sunday morning worship hours and other times? 
Yes!  Nearly every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:55 AM there is an adult education opportunity meeting in the Fireside Room or other location on St. Mark’s Square. 
In addition, Adult Bible Studies, small groups and other learning opportunities are offered throughout the year. Please see the weekly announcements for all adult education opportunities with the respective time and location.

Is Sunday School offered for children?
Yes, there is.  Sunday School for all children ages 3-12 is available every Sunday morning September through May starting at 9:45 AM with a chapel service in the Urban Life Center (across the plaza from the church).  After the chapel service for all ages participate, the children will go with their teachers to their age appropriate class.  Go to the Sunday School webpage for more information.

How do I learn about Baptism at St. Mark’s?
Baptism is one of two Sacraments celebrated by the Lutheran Church.  Baptism is a special time when a child or adult is welcomed into a new relationship with God.  Baptisms are celebrated in the context of the worshiping community and usually happen on Sunday mornings.  If you are new to St. Mark’s and an adult desiring to be baptized, you are invited to explore the Christian faith by coming to worship services and attend the “Journeys in Faith” gatherings on Wednesday nights after mid-week worship (December-May) or Sunday afternoons after 11:00 am worship.  For questions on adult baptism please speak to one of the pastors or email

If you are looking to have your child baptized, please know that at least one of the parents has to be a member of St. Mark’s.  Certain dates throughout the year are set aside for baptisms:

January - Baptism of our Lord
April - Easter Vigil
May - Holy Trinity (Memorial Day weekend)
November -  All Saints' Sunday

For any questions on baptism please speak to one of the pastors.

How do I get around the church and St. Mark’s Square?
The buildings are large and sprawling, so check out a map here, to learn more about how the building is arranged. There are also helpful signs and maps posted throughout the building, as well as Greeters and others who will be happy to help you find a location on Sunday morning. Whenever the St. Mark’s office is open, one of our friendly office staff or volunteer is often available and happy to help you learn how to find your way around the building.

Do I have to be a member of St. Mark’s to participate in any programs or ministries that I read about in announcements I receive in worship? 
As a guest or visitor, you are welcome to participate in nearly any program or ministry available at St. Mark’s. In cases where there is direct contact with children and youth, a Child Protection Policy at St. Mark’s must be followed. But in general, you are encouraged to take part in pretty much any and all events at St. Mark’s that looks interesting to you.  Being a part of a small group, class, service opportunity, or other ministry will provide you yet another way to get to St. Mark’s beyond worship.  Click here to see the most current announcements.

How do I join as small group at St. Mark’s?
Like with any program or ministry you are welcome to join st. Mark’s small groups, be it a bible study at someone’s home, a SMART event or a SMOP hike, contact information is usually given for St. Mark’s group.  Please connect directly with the small group leader or call the church office at 415-925-7770 if you have additional questions or seek a contact information for a small group.

If you want to explore membership at St. Mark's please follow these guidelines: 

  1. Attend worship services regularly at St. Mark's for the next several weeks and familiarize yourself with St. Mark's mission and vision to help you make your decision. You are strongly encouraged to be involved in some aspect of St. Mark's life of ministry to help you gain insight into the community.
  2. Through prayer and conversation, make a decision based on God’s guidance and your thoughtful discernment. Becoming a member of a church is a very important decision and commitment.
  3. Journey together with members and other prospective members by participating in Journeys in Faith.  Click here for more information about this ministry.
  4. Continue your journey of discipleship and membership by choosing to be involved in some of the various opportunities for spiritual growth, service and faith community connection. Such involvement will help you experience the many joys of life in Christ as well as sharing your gifts with the community.

For more information on membership and/or baptism, please email or speak to one of the pastors.

Why join?
Why would one want to join a church when you can come at any time, enjoy the services and even participate in ministries and events all without being a member? 
While all people—members, guests and visitors alike—are always and equally welcome to all services and ministries of St. Mark’s, the idea of being a “passive observer” is foreign to the Christian faith and what it means to be a member of the body of Christ.  We have been made a part of the church through water and the Word.  As baptized Christians, we are nourished and fed by Word and Sacrament.  Discipleship means to actively live out our faith on a regular basis.  We do so with fellow sisters and brothers, united in baptism, connected in faith, and serving together.  We join a local congregation to publicly live out this calling with the unique gifts we bring to and share with the church.