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Generous giving

an invitation by Pastor Elizabeth

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Gratitude is at the heart of Christian generosity.  We give in response to the grace of God.  Gratitude keeps our hearts centered on God’s ongoing faithfulness and the truth that the world belongs to God, not to us. 

St. Mark’s stewardship focus Forward in Faith-Building Community is grounded in a biblical understanding of extravagant generosity. We give of our resources, our time, and our skills/talents joyfully and thankfully because of God’s endless love and mercy given to us and the world. 

Every gift given to God through St. Mark’s is a welcome gift.  Large or small, each gift will be used to strengthen our mission as a congregation.   We invite every member and friend to make a commitment (a pledge) each year toward our ministry budget.  Our budget is a direct reflection of our mission – we reach out in service to the community and the world

At St. Mark’s, we encourage people to grow their giving toward a biblical tithe, 10 percent of income.  Of this total, members and friends give to St. Mark’s what they prayerfully discern to share with the church.  Intentionality and thoughtfulness is part of the joy of a faith-filled life. Above all, be grateful and do everything in response to God’s grace.  Giving your money and your acts of leadership and your time is done in response to God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

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