For more information, to check availability, or to schedule an appointment to view the Sanctuary, please contact Events Administrator,
Deidre Rettenmaier:

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How many guests can your church accommodate?
Main floor: 339
Balcony: 103

How many pews are in your church?
There are 13 pews on each side of the Nave.

How long is the aisle in your church?
The aisle is approximately 60 feet long.

Can we be married at St. Mark’s even if we are not Lutheran?

May I have my wedding at St. Mark’s if I am not a member?

May same-gender and transgender couples be married at St. Mark’s?
Absolutely!  St. Mark’s is an open and affirming congregation and has been blessing same-sex unions since the early 1980s.  We are delighted with the recent ruling of the courts which has made same-gender marriage legal in the United States.  

Can we provide our own musician and/or wedding coordinator?
A St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator is included in your wedding package.  The services of our Director of Music/organist are also included.  The use of your own musicians/vocalists and/or wedding planner can be discussed with your St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator and our Director of Music.

What type of music may we have?
You will be able to coordinate with our Director of Music to choose the perfect music for your ceremony.

What kind of decorations may we have?
Flowers are the main decorations along with ribbons, bows and tulle. 

How early can the florist access the church?
Your St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator can coordinate florist access.

Can you recommend a florist, a photographer, a caterer?
St. Mark’s has a list of preferred vendors and we are happy to provide referrals upon request.

Is it OK to videotape/photograph our wedding in the Sanctuary?
Yes!  Your St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator can share the photography policy with you and answer any questions you may have.

Can our Pastor perform the wedding?
If you would like your own pastor to be involved in your ceremony (for example, to do the homily or your vows), please have them contact the Lead Pastor of St. Mark’s for further conversation.  Generally, she/he would be welcome to participate in the service along with one of the clergy from St. Mark’s.

Do you require pre-wedding counseling?
Pre-wedding counseling is recommended but not required.  Couples may seek pre-wedding counseling with clergy of their home church or with the St. Mark’s Pastor officiating their ceremony. Your St. Mark’s Wedding Coordinator will provide more details.

Can we schedule our rehearsal on a day (or days) before the wedding?
Of course!  Please speak with our Events Administrator about your preferred rehearsal date.