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This spring our church joined the roster of ELCA Welcoming Congregations that provide pastoral (and sometimes physical) accompaniment to migrants. The Welcoming Congregations program is a part of AMMPARO, the ELCA’s effort to serve migrant children and families who are forced to flee their communities because of violence, poverty, environmental displacement, or lack of opportunities in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. You can stay informed of learning, advocacy, and service opportunities by getting on St. Mark’s email list for AMMPARO. How? Email or, or talk to Cora Rose at coffee hour.

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This Sunday is an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and participate in one of many servant projects organized for the community of St. Mark’s.  There will be an opportunity to bake communion bread in the kitchen – join Kathy Lautz “Baker Extraordinaire” in the church kitchen if this project interests you.  Want to go to the Tenderloin with a group of parishioners?  We will be working at the Lutheran Social Services offices again this year providing sweat equity to their offices.  There will be other projects too.  Mark your calendars and come ready to work and worship and play on this special day! 


Endowment Fund

Have you heard about our Endowment Fund? St. Mark’s established an Endowment Fund in 2011 which distributes grants to further our ability to do God’s work with our hands both locally and around the world. 

The Endowment Fund supports projects specifically outside of the congregation’s annual budget, and offers grants to help pioneer and bring new ideas for how we serve our community. Do you have an idea for a special community service project, or are you part of a group doing service work with a similar vision to the core beliefs of St. Mark’s? Apply for a grant to make your service idea a reality.

This year, $6,000 in grant money will be distributed to selected proposals. Grant applications are accepted from June 4 to August 21, 2017. Apply online or learn more about the Endowment Fund here: 

Also, keep this fund in mind for your charitable giving. Our Endowment Fund gives donors the ability to create a long-lasting legacy to support creative, innovative, and new ideas to further the ministry and mission of St. Mark’s. 


Interfaith Food Pantry

 If you would like to participate in a solution to the World Hunger problem, right here in San Francisco, there’s an easy way to make a big difference in 300 local families’ lives.  Join the St. Mark’s Food Pantry Distribution group.  We’re a fun intergenerational group that bond together over the business of distributing food from the SF/Marin Food Bank to qualified participants.  There’s a job for every age and body type.  We would love to have you.  Our next distribution date is:

Saturday morning, July 22
Old First Church
Corner of Sacramento and Van Ness
Free Parking in Old First Church Garage on Sacramento St.

Sign up for any or all shifts, by talking with Diana Gomez. 
Phone (415) 533-5205

7:30 – 9:00 AM   Unload
9:00 – 10:30 AM   Distribute
10:30 - 11:30 AM   Clean up

 Future St. Mark’s Food Pantry distribution dates in 2017 are as follows: August 26, October 21, December 2


Outreach is an all-encompassing word that means many things in the context of church.  Given that a couple of my (Pastor Ron’s) major responsibilities, in addition to preaching the Word and administering the sacraments, have been identified as reaching out to the young adult population and to the multicultural populations in our community and establishing ways that these people could be involved in the life and ministries of our congregation, I would like to be able to formulate a plan for this outreach with members of St. Mark’s who have an interest and a passion for this ministry.  This mission often is placed in the context of the more generic category of evangelism.  However, from my perspective, while evangelism is every member’s responsibility, outreach more accurately reflects the concerted effort that we might put forth to connect with these particular populations both by getting to know who lives in our neighborhood as well as by establishing programs that might draw these people to St. Mark’s.  Connected to this outreach is taking a closer look at how we make St. Mark’s more visible in our community through our publicity and promote all that we are doing to nurture this beloved community.  If you would like to be a part of this renewed focus on outreach, please let me know, or be prepared to respond when I ask for your participation.